Who knew being a shopaholic would pay off ? My love for shopping gave me a skill for styling and picking out the best of fashion. Couple this with my love for sarees and Divitiae was born!

I sought out some of the best weavers from different corners of India, with the mindset to promote ancient traditional weaving techniques and bringing the best of sarees to people through Divitiae.

Little did I know that Divitiae would take a life of its own and become a thriving community of saree lovers. In a nutshell, Divitiae today serves thousands of customers while supporting weavers and promoting weaves from all around India.

Based in New Jersey, along with sarees, we bring forth unique Indian ethnic jewellery pieces and traditional decor items. For me, Divitiae is a symbol of ‘think local, live global’ phenomenon.

Now being a shopaholic isn’t all that bad, I say 😉

Because we believe in making things that are high quality and low maintenance.

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